AQSENSE Technologies in 3D Processing Applications

Dental Scanner with SAL3D

AQSENSE's design is built upon two industrial 2D cameras and a commercial PC controlling acquisition and processing. The mold is loaded on a tilting and rotating platform which moves along the scanner. The advantage of using SAL3D is that expensive positioning fixtures are not necessary, because Match3D performs a mathematical aligment.


3D Shell Sorting

Coconut shells, as other nature objects are unique. Laser triangulation is of great help for grading and sorting in different range groups, based in dimensions and volumes. The achieved accuracy is 2% error in volume, with a two camera lay out and the Merger Tool occlusions are minimized, besides the implementation of  Metric Calibration Tool provides metric volume measurements.


360º scanner for food slicing

AQSENSE has teamed up with Italian SI ImagingLab for developing a 360º scanner. The application of cloud of points processing in this new generation of slicing machines has proved a success because of the higher yields that can be obtained by planning the portioning. More on this application


Part I

Part II

Part III

SAL3D enables fast, accurate and reliable 3D Machine Vision applied to the food processing industry

AQSENSE's Technical Director, Dr. Forest's  presentation in the Industrial Vision Days forum at Vision 09. Get the presentation. Get the video


Robotics with 360º 3D scanner and LabView integration

AQSENSE and ImagingLab show how to integrate robots from different brands with the 360º 3D scanner. Extending robotics with 3D Vision has several advantages, and the integration of SAL3D into IL's LabView-based robotics library makes this enhancement straightforward. More on this application


Angular Metric Calibration Tool

AQSENSE's Angular Metric Calibration Tool enables a camera-laser system to be mounted on a robotic arm. Here, a quality control application is shown, where turbines are scanned and rejected if some defect is detected.


Beltech industrial 3D binpicking

Beltech, the dutch company specialist in the field of industrial automation with machine vision, has developed a 3D industrial binpicking using AQSENSE's Peak detector tool and Metric Tool.


Angular Scanning on a Robot Arm

Thanks to AQSENSE's Angular Calibration Tool, angular scanning systems can now be calibrated, allowing laser triangulation vision systems to be mounted on a robot arm, avoiding the rippling effect that appears while using them for lineal scans.

This video, recorded by ImagingLab, shows a robot performing 3D inspections and the results being manipulated in AQSENSE's 3D machine vision library: SAL3D.


Dedicated Software Algorithms for 3D Clouds of Points

AQSENSE's Technical Director, Dr. Forest's  presentation at Stemmer's 3D technology day 2011.


3DExpress: 3D machine vision made easy

Carles Matabosch, AQSENSE's techincal director, introduces the new 3DExpress product at VISION 2012.

Download the presentation


Video tutorials explaining the use of SAL3D library can be viewed on the SAL3D video-tutorials page

Video tutorials explaining the use of 3DExpress can be viewed on the 3DExpress video-tutorials page