3D-Machine Vision Library (3D-MVL) for NI LabVIEW

The 3D-Machine Vision Library (3D-MVL) is a NI LabVIEW porting of the 3D-Machine Vision Library SAL3D coming from a joined effort between AQSENSE and ImagingLab. It is the first LabVIEW toolkit for clouds of points acquisition and manipulation, with specific tools for laser triangulation, but also compatible with other 3D technologies (stereo-vision, time-of-flight).

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The 3D-MVL is a set of 3D machine vision tools to obtain complete, true, 3D calibrated data for ultra-fast shape analysis and measurements for in-line inspection on your manufacturing line.

It allows creating applications for 3D-data processing including: object scanning, 3D-surfaces generation without distortion, cloud-of-points comparing and 3D analysis using external 2D tools. In contrast with traditional 2D calibration plates, the metric tools available on 3D-MVL allow an easy and accurate 3D calibration with a single scanning of a 3D metric pattern.

The Match3D tool allows a fast alignment of clouds of points (~200 ms) that can be used for the 100% 3D quality control of complex parts, or for automatic 3D measurements on non-flat surfaces.

Peak Finder use example
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3D cloud of points viewer
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3D-MVL Tools

The main SAL3D functionalities have already been included on the 3D-MVL basic package and yet we are working to keep improving it and adding new functionalities which will enhance the 3D applications development for the LabVIEW community.

The currently included tools are:

Advantages for LabVIEW users

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3D-MVL allows LabVIEW users to easily enter the 3D world. In addition to the 3D processing tools (acquisition, metric calibration and processing), the library allows to get 2D calibrated image from clouds of points. Thanks to these calibrated 2D projections, it is possible to apply 3D measurements using conventional 2D tools. This library solves the limitations of the standard 2D tools, that only allows to make measurements on a single and calibrated plane.

To help the user to understand the library, the 3D-MVL is distributed together with intuitive and easy-to-use examples.

What do people say about 3D-Machine Vision Library?

Vision Systems Design Magazine

  • Andrew Wilson, Vision Systems Design Editor: "By incorporating ImagingLab's robotics library for DENSO robots with the 3D-Machine Vision Library (MVL) from AQSENSE, captured images from the robot can be rendered as both a 3-D profile and a color image. This enables the size and quality of the fish to be determined as well as how to position a cutting mechanism to filet the fish."

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