AQSENSE light stripe peak detector allow the detection of the maximum intensity point of a laser stripe, with sub-pixel accuracy (1/64th of a pixel).

peak2_a.jpg FPGA Peak Detector

The detector operates on 2D images, in a row or column-wise manner and is able to perform at the maximum detection accuracy at the maximum camera speed.

The peak detector is provided as an IP block to be incorporated into FPGA chips, enabling the fast acquisition on customizable, programmable machine vision hardware.

Easy to integrate into existing Xilinx (Spartan3 or higher) or Altera (Cyclone or higher) FPGA based camera control designs.

Technical Features:
  • Pipelined design
  • One pixel input per clock cycle
  • 1 to 10 TAP operation

Peak Detector in FPGA

FPGA Peak Detector Peak Detector Histogram

A single point obtained for each line across the laser stripe at subpixel accuracy of 1/64 pixel (max).
Lab tests revealed 5 microns in Z, with a FOV of 130m

A software version of the peak detector can be found at Peak Detector Tool

FPGA Peak Detector - Product sheet