3D Machine Vision Software and Services

3DExpress screenshot: Capture of the 3DExpress interface showing a RangeMap, the reconstructed Cloud-of-Points and the Zmap to be exported 3D machine vision scan of a food piece 3D machine vision reconstruction of a denture 3D machine vision scan of a casting object 3D machine vision reconstruction of a cookie Apple can as example of 3D machine vision applied to packaging AQSENSE team willing to help you A pills blister as a 3D machine vision packaging example


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3D Machine Vision made easy

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Casting industry

100% inline Quality Control for casting parts

Food industry

Slicing, sorting, filling, measuring, Quality Control...

A world of 3D machine vision applications with SAL3D

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Medical applications

Reverse engineering for medical models or prosthesis design

Quality control

Surface inspection for flaws, scratches, roller-marks or bumps detection.

Ensuring final product quality.

Packaging industry

Cans and bottles Quality Assurance

Dimensional control

Packages shape checking


Sophisticated 3D simulations and feasibility studies

Custom design

Training Programs

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Pharma industry

Medical blisters scanning for leakage or pills presence detection

3D Shape Analysis Library

AQSENSE offers full 3D machine vision libraries to obtain complete, true, 3D calibrated data for ultra-fast shape and measurements for in-line inspection on your manufacturing line.

Replace incomplete 2D vision analysis. Replace statistical process control with 100% high accuracy inspection of all parts compared to your CAD file. Replace check weighting systems with SAL3D precise volume calculations.

See an immediate return on investment with 3D inspection of all parts made.

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AQSENSE's new product, 3DExpress, offers an easy door to 3D Machine Vision for users not willing to code their applications.

Based on SAL3D performance, 3DExpress offers an easy to use graphic interface to acquire the data coming from any source (2D camera, 3D camera...), obtain its 3D representation, manipulate the cloud-of-points and, finally, export the result so that it can be further processed by standard 2D tools, both graphical interfaces or library based.

Develop reliable 3D projects while shorting time to market

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AQSENSE offers several services to ensure the successful integration and deployment of 3D technology in the customer's environments.

Save investments in hardware with our feasibility studies using virtual simulations.

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Deriving Point Clouds from Laser Scanning

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